Friday, 9 September 2016

Home at Last

It's been a wonderful week.  We have enjoyed watching the children challenge themselves and try different activities.  They have been well behaved and we were proud to receive several comments from the instructors praising them for their manners and enthusiasm. Our "Groupie", Emma, said the children were the best she has worked with all year.  

Thank you to all the parents who gave such positive comments on the blog. We're glad you were able to follow the activities each day.

My grateful thanks also go to Miss Leftley, Mrs Plowman and Mr Gladwell for all their support and to the children themselves for making this trip memorable.

Rest up Year 6, sleep well, enjoy the weekend, tell everyone what you have done and be ready for WORK on Monday!

Miss Stannard. 😌💤💤💤

Friday - Problem Solving

Problem solving required a lot of team work, communication and negotiation.

Quad Biking

Helmets and gloves were needed for the quad bikes. When kitted up it was difficult to identify people.

There were some excellent driving skills and no crashes.






Ryan and Lleyton


Noah relaxing in the sun

Our twins!

Chilling out

Blink and she's gone!

Friday morning - Archery

More archery today. Thankfully the rain stopped and the sun shone.

Battle of the teachers

Who shot gold?

Friday morning - Packing

Everyone had to be up early to pack their cases.  One chalet was a bit late surfacing.  Any ideas?

Packing was a challenge for some people!  And easier for others.

Lleyton found the best way to best way to do up his case was to sit on it.

Spencer was more concerned with getting his hair right...

... and styling Harry's.

Room inspections today were worth double points - total of 20.  If ANYTHING was found a point was deducted.

The highest score was 18 points.  The lowest was -2 points.  6 shoes behind the door and 6 towels on the rail did not help!

We're so pleased Mrs Plowman came with us - she was very good at checking under the beds!

All in a days's work!  Miss Leftley checks that nothing has been left behind.

We can safely say everything has been packed - hopefully in the correct cases!

Rise and Shine!

Wot no sun?
After the glorious sunshine we've had all week, it was a bit of a shock to wake up and find that is was raining!  We're hoping it will stop so we can enjoy our last morning.

Following the disco and a late night, lots of children were bleary eyed when they got their early morning call.  (Some had to be woken 😴😴😴)